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  • Website is SLOW - Support is aware

    This website has been terribly slow since Wednesday - support is aware and they are working on it. They said it would take several days to resolve.

    After this is over, I'll be looking at moving the website elsewhere.


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    Thanks Tim. At first I thought that someone had forgotten to renew the domain name because I ended up on one of those spammy landing pages. Thankfully it's just a slow server!
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      Yeah, it's a weird problem. The pages will occasionally go to a domain parking page. It's pretty ridiculous that the hosting company hasn't solved this. It started Wednesday.


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        Can't say I'm glad I wasn't the only one having problems but perhaps I'm a little relieved.

        Tim, if you add a donate (paypal) button there are some of us who would help out with the fund$ to move the board and its contents to an upgrade of the same platform or a whole other system. Just throwing it out there.. Cheers

        UPDATE: Checking in a few hours later and the site couldn't be faster. Shazam!
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