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    The forum is getting attacked by spam today.

    I have some Vbulletin expertise (I've installed many, upgraded, setup plug-ins, and have Administered a few) if you need any ideas or info to combat this.

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    I've never seen it this bad before, usually just a thread or two but this is over the top. Pages and pages..
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      Yep, 341 posts just as of now for this latest spammer.

      There's no way this should be happening. Once an admin comes in they can ban that username and do a mass delete of all the posts that user made today.


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        I don't know who all of the moderators are here, but I'd like to become one


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          I'm working on cleaning it up. If they do more than 50 posts, a semi manual cleanup has to be done, unfortunately.


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            Originally posted by JoMan View Post
            I don't know who all of the moderators are here, but I'd like to become one
            Hello -Thank you for your offer of assistance. This weekend I'll go through the moderator permissions and I'll be back in contact.

            I'm also looking at upgrading the forum to the newest version of VBulletin, which would probably help. We're about 5 years out of date on software versions.

            I'll post another update shortly.



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