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    I built another custom multi platform SpeedBag Saloon (this one is in my main residence). Left swivel is a chain link, right swivel is a sunken in U-hook and the middle is a ball hook. The side bags tie up nicely when I want to side hit etc. Only thing is you have to be between 5'10 to 6ft to comfortably hit on this platform. 5'9 would work..

    It's very, very stable, free standing and has six layers of 1" fastened plywood on top of piece of pine table top as the hitting surface. Great way to fill this 7 by 8 corner of my basement. Sorry if the pictures are a tad blurry

    PS there's also a wall platform set up higher for my larger bags.
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    Looks great!


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      Originally posted by johnhite View Post
      Looks great!
      Thank you, it works great and it's really, really quiet. I can bag late at night on the weekends without anybody waking up.