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New Everlast 4200 Bag - Trade?

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  • New Everlast 4200 Bag - Trade?

    I hope this is not a faux pas, but here we go. I have a new Everlast 4200 bag (almost zero time on it) that I would be willing to trade. I am interested in trying out a Title - the red or yellow - or a Grant Campeon (need not be the pro). I don't expect the bag to be new - but good shape would be appreciated.
    Nothing wrong with this one - I just havn't tried the other bags and I am starting to accumulate faster than I am learning.
    My apologies to all if trading is not encouraged here. Thanks!
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    Century Bag

    I have a century speed if you are still interested in a trade for the 4200...I can send you a photo...Thanks


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