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    Originally posted by BagBoy View Post

    Zaz Yeah, Children of the Grave being a shuffle of sorts would be a perfect song to cut ones teeth for hitting to music. A fast shuffle like ZZ tops' le grange is very challenging to keep bagging to as the song rolls on. LOL does that make sense? Sorry, I could've crystalized my thoughts a little better if it wasn't for the decaf.
    Yeah, it make sense! Shuffle rhythm are based on triplet subdivisions. The basic rhythm on the speed bag (1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3...) sound really cool when you do it over a shuffle.


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      Originally posted by Speedbag View Post

      Here are a few more.... Sorry for broken links. My computer just will not allow me to imbed them. I've put the text in MS word, MS works and Notebook....still nothing. I suspect it is a browser setting somewhere, but I have no clue what it is...

      I want you (Cherry Cola) by Soundgarden


      Freedom by George Michael

      D5eC5jBB3cw" data-vcode="D5eC5jBB3cw" data-vprovider="youtube">
      D5eC5jBB3cw/hqdefault.jpg" alt="" />

      Breeze from Saintes Marie by Jesse Cook

      zha6tCjVWIc" data-vcode="zha6tCjVWIc" data-vprovider="youtube">
      zha6tCjVWIc/hqdefault.jpg" alt="" />
      I'm truly impressed! Especially by your performance on the song by Jessy Cook!


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        Nice clips

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