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swivel identification from Dutchman

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  • swivel identification from Dutchman

    Would you happen to know any bits about this swivel? It was purchased in 1968 from Sears at Christmas time. The guy I bought it from said his dad bought it through the Sears Christmas catalog as a speed bag-swivel-platform kit. He told me the kit had no name brand as the best he can remember.

    The swivel does have some heft to it. Thank you in advance for any insight

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    From 1908 until about 1964 the Sears line of sporting goods was sold under the name J.C. Higgins, after an early manager of the sporting goods dept at the flagship store. After 1964 the sporting goods line was given the Ted Williams brand. Sears during that time did not sell any outside line of items. At the very least it was a Sears label on the packaging. Now some major manufacturers made items for Sears, and in some cases it was common knowledge who they were and other cases it remains a mystery to this day. Sears in the late 1960's sold striking bag kits made by Voit, along a free standing unit with a vinyl bag. This was one of the instances where they apparently felt there was no longer enough of a demand to warrant producing their own line, but just enough to put someone elses product in the catalog, especially the coveted Christmas catalog.
    So to answer your question, I'd say that this is probably a Voit swivel, but different than the Whitely ones that they sold on their own. Indeed it looks more like an old Nichols pattern one.


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      Aw' right Sir. Sounds good to me.And thank you much. The guy also told me if I pulled up Sears Christmas wish book 1968 and look on page 402, a pic of the kit should be there. How he knew that I did not ask

      I do not have the comp skills to perform that function


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        Well I found that page, and I have to correct myself on the platform kit.

        That's definitely a Sears brand bag and mitts with a Nonpareil rebound ring. The swivel is the style that Nonpareil used which is variant of the old Nichols swivel
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          That is some good stuff right there Dutchman.... Amazing research. Thank you


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            I have that exact swivel, here's a pic of mine. I have other vintage swivels, I'm not interested in keeping this one so if anyone wants it make me an offer.Click image for larger version

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              Good afternoon.
              I have been searching for a swivel and bag to try and complete a very vintage speed bag frame I found in my parents attic.
              The frame has a Patent no 9/15/1925 stamped on it it which was identified by Dutchman as being from Leo F. Bergmann filed 2/23/1923.
              I am missing both the swivel and bag.
              the hoop diameter outside is 23” and inside is 21 1/2”.
              the hole configuration can be seen in the uploaded pictures and the distance from center to center is 2 1/4”.
              please let me know if any of the swivels that you have in your possession match up to this hole configuration and spacing measurement.
              Thank you
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