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Alex Taylor Striking Bag

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  • Alex Taylor Striking Bag

    These don't show up to often, and apparently the owner knows that

    This is a mint new old stock bag that comes with a convertible Moosehead Whitely swivel (it has a ball and hook, plus a ball and rope, which definitely places it in the mid to late 1930's at least).

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    I would like to see the shape of the bag fully inflated, Is it shaped like a banana or tear drop ? Further more I would think of it going for half the cost he's asking for, also who knows if the leather is still good, Yes it looks good and so did my Higgins bag looked like it was brand new until I started to bag on it just to find out the leather was dried out and started to Crack and peel as soon as I started to bag on it


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      I've found that the majority of the people selling these bags have either inherited them or are pickers. The former usually have no idea what to look for. The pickers may or may not, as they are selling to a purely collectors market. Frankly anymore most of what I've seen made prior to the 1950's may look great but are not fit to use.

      There is a developing group of sports memorabilia collectors that have the where with all to pay these prices. So be it. When I started collecting most of what is now considered "antique" or "classic" was still in regular use. Heck the first bag I hit on was an enormous J.C. Higgins on a Nonpareil rebound ring. Wish I had had the opportunity to obtain that from my cousin when he lost interest.


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        Is there any documentation on that brand bag out there ?


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          Not much, other than the fact that Alex Taylor was a local NYC sporting goods outfitter. Information is a little sparse on it, I'm trying to dig some more up on it. It appears that it was in business from about the turn of the 20th century up into the 1940's maybe a little beyond. They carried a large line of in house sporting goods.


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