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Antique Bag??

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  • Antique Bag??

    A couple years ago I acquired a bag off of ebay with the label pressed into the leather. It's very difficult to make out the lettering due to age and condition. What I can make out is as follows:




    1" circular impression with print too small
    and obliterated for me make out..and under
    that the number..


    The bag is 9" across the belly and 14" from the top of the loop to the
    bottom of the bag. To me it's quite a treasure. Anyone have any ideas
    as to the era??Thanks in advance

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    Goldsmith was a major player in sporting goods from the early twentieth century until it's buyout by MacGregor in 1945. From that time until 1952 items from the former Goldsmith plant were marked Goldsmith-MacGregor. After that time it was just MacGregor.
    The #76 Goldsmith striking bag from my observations must have been a pretty good seller, as I have seen more of these than the rest of the line. Chances are it falls into the 1945-1952 era, but it could be pre WWII. What sporting goods that were produced during the war years went to the various armed services, and were marked as such.
    Is the bladder valve on the bottom of the bag (like most are today)or is it up on the neck near the loop? It appears that WWII era bags on up had the bottom valve, while earlier ones the valve was up on the neck.


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      Thanks Dutchman, There is no valve on the bottom, just a round leather patch. The seller, unbeknownst to me, installed a small beachball for a bladder and the valve comes out about 1/4" at the third lace from the top. I don't care about the bladder as I have it on display in my w/o room with no intention of hitting it. Thanks again for the info..Good stuff


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        Whoa, your've got an oldie! Up until the 1930's the bladders had an inflation tube that was underneath the laces. Early models had a plug to keep the air in. Later on a valve like what we are now used to was used on the end of the tube. I've seen these older bags converted to bottom valves as the older style bladders became no longer available.


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          This sounds like a pretty old speed bag. Any chance of seeing a photo of it?

          Johnny O


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            Johnny O, I am a bit technically challenged and don't know how to post pics. When my daughter comes into town I will have her walk me through. Thanks Johnny and Dutchman for your comments


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