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Patent - 1912 platform design

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  • Patent - 1912 platform design

    Adjustable platform with overhead, vertical, and rotary bagging capabilities. Inexpensive to produce, claims the inventor. Maybe he was a plumber...

    US Patent #1032139

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    Neat idea, wonder if it is strong enough to not flex. I've been wanting to make a cage out of some wood but not sure if it will be strong enough. I wonder if these patents expire. There shouldn't be anything wrong with building one as long as you don't produce to sell. Any more treasures? I'm looking for ideas.


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      Originally posted by PIEFURZ View Post
      Any more treasures? I'm looking for ideas.
      That cage Jeanne La Mar was using in that old photograph looked pretty solid. Shouldn't be too hard to make if you can find some iron pipe.


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        It was common practice in a lot of pro gyms, and boxing training camps to build strikiing bag stages if you will. It wasn't unusual to for them to use threaded pipe and associated fittings to set up multiple stations. If you have a wood floor that you don't mind screwing into you can build a really stable cage If you can't do that, a sheet of 3/4" or thicker plywood will do just fine for a base.

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