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Advice on hanging Heavy Bag in low ceiling basement

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  • Advice on hanging Heavy Bag in low ceiling basement

    I have an unfinished basement with exposed beams that are 82" from the floor. I've tried to hang two different types of heavy bag hangers (everlast heavy bag hanger, and pro mountings rafter) and both are shaking the room above (dining room) significantly. Any tips?
    I have two bags that I use primarily (80Lb traditional bag, 120 lbs aqua bag).

    Anyone have any experience with wall hangers? I need something that's quiet and doesn't shake the house

    Thanks guys
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    Have you tried a spring between your mount and your chain? That will absorb some of the energy being transferred into your beams. That is the cheapest solution, but will probably still shake things.

    A well made wall hanger mounted properly on an outer load bearing wall and upstairs wouldn't feel much.
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