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  • Anchoring Double End Bag

    Hi Gentleman, Im new here and new to speed/bag double end bags as a whole. Have been boxing on and off for years but for whatever reason just never spent much time on anything other than a heavy bag. Now that I'm older, my joints appreciate the DE bag more than the heavy bag plus it keeps my mind occupied

    So, I currently have a DE bag in my garage with a weighted anchor and it's just not cutting it. I'd like to anchor it to the concrete floor and have some questions about how best to proceed.

    There's a video on youtube with a guy demonstrating a pretty comprehensive installation that looks good.

    1. What kind of bit do I need to drill into the concrete? And what size?

    2. What kind of threaded anchor do I install in the hole prior to screwing in the eye bolt? And what size?

    Obviously I want something that will hold for a long time. My only experience attempting this before resulted in the eye bolt snapping in half almost immediately after I screwed it into the concrete.

    Thanks for yalls time I appreciate it!

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