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Which is a good bag to buy?

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  • Which is a good bag to buy?

    I am a female 140 lbs looking to purchase my first heavy bag. I am a beginner so I need some suggestions of which one to buy. I want one that has a loop on the bottom for me to tie down.
    Please help!

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    Depends on the price, design and quality of the material. If you don't care that much, go look at Samsonite with advance bags online shopping facility. I have this one currently.


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      I have worked on a LOT of different bags and have never been 100% happy with any of them, until now. My comments may not be helpful to you if you're boxing specific (I practice in mma) because the bag I am happy with is a Muay Thai / "banana bag" that I got from KO Fightgear. However my comments will still hopefully give you some pointers you can use to find a bag that's good for you.

      First my complaints with bags: when boxing, my mma gym has a few boxing-specific bags. One is about 250 lbs so feels like you're hitting a wall. Another is about 70 lbs which, for me at 200 lbs, feels like hitting air. The one I use is about 125 lbs and has a nice 'sweet spot' at about chin height. One of the things to look for in a bag is 'the sweet spot'. It's the place where you hit and your hand sinks into the bag just a bit: it's firm but with 'give' to absorb the strike. Here's the problem with this particular bag: it's mechanically / hydraulically filled which means that the bottom is too crammed (ie hard and hurts my hands if I hit there, even taped and wearing 14 oz gloves) and the top 25% of the bag is underfilled so my hand just sinks deep into it (and overextends my elbow). (This pretty much describes my complaints with the gym's Muay Thai bags too: each has its own little spot that is sweet, but no one bag was usable in multiple areas. So I am throwing low kicks into one; higher kicks into another; knees into a third; etc. I can't get a full workout on one bag).

      One of my reasons for getting a KO Fightgear bag is that it's hand filled. The whole six feet of it is 'the sweet spot'. Whether throwing punches at head or body height, hooks at rib height, knees at thigh height, kicks at shin height or head butts at the top (I am just under 6' and this is a 6' bag): it's all 'sweet'. And since I am throwing head butts: I CANNOT have metal grommets or studs sticking out of the bag securing it to the hanging straps ... something else to consider. Lots of manufacturers have metal on the surface of the bag, creating a danger for us who'd hit into that area.

      You'll save a lot of money in mail ordering an empty shell, but you'll always regret it: the way the bag is stuffed makes all the difference in the world. Unless you're broke and have to use a Do It Yourself bag: pay the shipping to get a bag that is already stuffed. Hand stuffed: mechanical is a very poor substitute. And stuffed with rags, not sand or a combination that includes sand. Sand inevitably settles to the bottom, creating a hard as rock area down there. The other thing to watch out for is a bag with a foam 'liner' or 'wrap': this is where there is an inner bag that is wrapped with 1" or more of closed cell foam, then wrapped with the bag's outer fabric. These liners will give the illusion of the 'sweet spot' from top to bottom ... until use breaks down the cells and you're left with an inner bag flopping around inside the bag's fabric, and what used to be the foam is now dust and lumps dropping down in between the two layers.


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        You should read this:

        I don't think you need a 100 pound bag. Everlast bags are easy to get but I do not think they are a quality product. You want something that is sturdy but easy on the hands. Good gloves are important and you will need wrapping. I am teaching my 19 year old daughter. I got her the quick wraps with gel in them. I find it difficult to go out and actually see and try the different bags and types. I had to rely on articles and descriptions. I spent a lot of money when I purchased a new bag after I knocked out my Everlast bag. I don't think you need to spend nearly that much.


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          It totally depends upon your budget and choice.The best is you may also opt to shop online by listing your budget too.


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            I like the Everlast heavybag with the speed bag bundle. But as you can probably tell from my username, I almost never use the speedbag. The speedbag is a little lacking if you compare it with some Title's but it works.

            Here's a good review of the bundle if anyone is interested in it:



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              I've got two bags that I used, both of them are heavy bags (about to get my first speed bag).

              The first one I got was a free standing bag as I was very anxious to hang my own bag. I'm not the most DIY kind of guy, so I thought I'd keep it simple at first. I actually really like it, it's called the Century Wavemaster XXL and it's pretty darn big. I found some other good options on a site called MMA Station, however I've only used and can only recommend the XXL by Century.

              The next bag I got, which actually has the loop on the bottom to anchor the bag down is Everlast Nevatear 100lb bag, although I've never used the anchor function, I imagine it can be pretty helpful. Again, i didn't want to attach the bag to a wall or ceiling, so I got the heavy bag in a bundle with a stand which was very good value for money - you do have to weigh the stand down though otherwise it can move around whilst your hitting the bag, and I don't even have that much power.
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