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    That Everlast is beautiful.


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        Originally posted by LouisvilleBagr View Post
        Greetings, hope all are safe!

        I'm sure my speed bag pals are sick of me going on and on about heavy bags. I figured I'd start a thread, in case anyone is interested?

        I acquired the brown Everlast PRO horse hide bag today. I'd say that's the crown jewel. I dont know much about its history, but let me tell you.....its amazing! Maybe Dutchman knows when that were using horse hide?

        This is the evolving TV room/bagging room currently. That's the Everlast factory filled PRO horse hide 100lb, Contender factory filled 150lb and the Title leather 100lb, that I opened up and added 20ish pounds to. That's a Title Classic 100lb on the floor. There is also a 100lb water bag hanging outside in the screened in porch.
        Nice collection

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