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  • Speed bag xi (2020)

    It was great to re-connect face to face with my bag brothers and sisters. So much so that I've already booked my stay at the Best Western for 2020.

    I had some informal chats with a few people about next year's events and schedule, so I'm throwing this out for group discussion.


    Thur 7/9/2020 (Setup)
    Fri 7/10/2020 - Sun 7/12/2020 (event)

    Where: Real Gymm, (1 American Legion Dr, Keyport NJ ):

    Much of the discussion was about having a SEMI-structured event - in other words - nobody wants a jam packed schedule of an agenda - but people do want some form of organization and some "anchor" events and happenings.

    As such, I'm proposing the following:

    Thurs 7/9/2020

    (This will be a setup day - where any new platforms are hung, equipment is moved, swivels refurbished etc.)

    Fri 7/10/2020

    Generally this is a "meet and greet" day, but would include:

    9am - Gym is open, and we'll have all day bag punching and chit chat - as we always do

    2pm - Speed Bag Symphony Rehearsals - We'll have a short "punch drumming" class and practice time for this event that will happen on Day 2.

    4pm : Charity Raffle Ticket Sales Open. We WILL have some nice items provided by vendors to raise money for Charity.

    5pm : Speed Demon Practice session
    We will have a serious speed demon competition on Day 2. This will be planning a standardized swivel bag / setup and making two units accessible for practice. During this practice session we will let people warm up and prepare for the actual competition and ensure all the equipment is working.

    7pm : Dinner Reservation at Burlews (for 25) . - We will make an actual reservation in advance - so dinner goes smoothly

    9pm - onwards - Drinks and chat at McDonoughs Pub.

    Saturday 07/11/2020

    9am - Gym is open. I believe Donnie is moving "Beast of the Bayshore" competition to Sunday next year - so we'll have open bag punching all day

    2pm Speed Bag Symphony - We will be publishing a "playlist" of speed bag punchable songs soon - the ideas is to get EVERYONE on a bag (that wishes to be involved punching in time to the music) - and video tape it etc. It will start with simple songs and progress to more and more difficult (until only ALan and Matt are left - LOL). This event will be videoed for sharing.

    4pm - Charity raffle. We will randomly pick winners of items. Money will be donated to Charity.

    5pm - Speed Demon competition - We will have a speed demon formal competition with a PRIZE. We will do the 1:00 countdown maximum number of punches. This event will be videoed for sharing.

    7pm - Dinner Reservation at "Old Glory" (for approx 25).

    9pm - Open bag punching back at the gym

    Sunday 7/11/2020

    10 AM - Group breakfast at Lenora's

    Beast of the Bayshore competition (TBD)

    Tear down/clean up/ etc.
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    Nice! Booking my room this coming week.
    Certifiable SBX Attendee 2019



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      Really had a good time at speedbag 10. Can


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        Even booked the same room!
        Certifiable SBX Attendee 2019


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