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Swivel repair - welding a metal swivel

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  • Swivel repair - welding a metal swivel

    Ever had the hook drop out of an Everlast model 4440 ?

    I had one fail after only 3 weeks of use. Got my father in law to weld that sucker in for me

    That should hold it for a while....

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    Ballhook broke

    In yesteryear, I have had it happen to me. Used to be an allen wrench lock screw in them to tighten pressure tightene bar. Haven't had it happen in many years.

    But one thing I have recently heard from another source, is to take the bar and S-hook out of the newer plastic s-hook swivel ( the newest one from everlast), and put it in the ball of an older model S-hook to change the S-hook bag attachment.

    Apparently the last year or so of the old model #4440 S-hook swivel, Everlast changed the hook design, making it difficult to put bags on and off. A friend of mine recently wrote me explaining how he has revitalized some of his older S-hooks, either broken or otherwise dead, by taking the metal bar and S attachment out of the plastic versions and sticking/welding them into the older metal balls.

    Cool idea. I haven't had much problem with them only because I have numerous older model S-hooks that have lasted many years.

    Must have been made by everlast, but bred by Timex: They took and lickin', and keep on tickin'.

    But Tim, After welding this bar back into the ball, you have eliminated on possible re-use. IF the housing of the swivel (where the bar hits during a rebound) wears down, as they surely do, You can't really take the ball and bar S-hook out and use it in another housing. The last model design of the two piece #4440 was a softer (cheaper) metal, and wore down pretty quickly.

    unless you have the tools to cut the housing in half.
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      Originally posted by Speedbag
      In yesteryear, I have had it happen to me. Used to be an allen wrench lock screw in them to tighten pressure tightene bar.
      Yep, there was a screw, but I couldn't get it tightened up enough to hold it in. I truly believe this swivel was/is somehow defective, as it broke after only 3 weeks of mild use.


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        I had one do the exact same thing. Per my other post, I used JB weld to repair mine and it hasn't given me a lick of trouble since then.