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I need the base with the everlast threads so I can screw in the metal ballhook swivel or the everlast chainlink swivel. Thanks if I could make one I would

Actually, a Better goal is to use the metal ball & hook, which will work fine with a plastic base plate. I have several of those. You need the hex (allen) wrench to back out the set screw than take the hook shaft out of the metal ball. Put it back together inside the plastic ballhook housing (remove plastic ball and replace with metal ball) and it will work fine. I don't notice any difference in the "action" of a plastic base and metal ball vs any other ballhook arrangement. But that metal shank smacking the plastic housing is a whole lot less noisy than the metal base. you can see and hear the metal ball in the plastic base in this video.

In my arrangement described above, you can just set the metal base plate with the internal threads off to the side. The threaded part will also work with an Everlast chainlink swivel.