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I believe my gym has a Balazs Standard UBS4 4 Station Boxing Stand with a chain-link swivel. (At least it looks just like http://www.balazsboxing.com/cgi-bin/catalog2.cgi?action=page&page=gear|universal%20box ing%20stands|UBS4 )

The swivel has been kind of noisy and another gym member sprayed it with Sprayon Food Grade silicone lubricant. I immediately found it harder to control - windmilling starts very soon. For example, I normally can close my eyes and hit 20 FCPs in a row with 1 hand, but after the spray, less than a dozen. Even the basic combination FSP'''FCP with my eyes open seemed more challenging than usual.

1. Is this actually bringing it up to its ideal performance, and we will learn better control?

2. Should we counteract it? Would something like cornstarch help dry it?

3. Normal use will soon bring it back it back to normal responsiveness?

Jim in NJ
I normally dab a little light machine oil on my ball hook swivel to "quiet" the squeeking. Never really tried the silicon spray. But....

Q1. I've never known a little lubricant to make that much difference in swivel or punchers performance. A swivel change, perhaps - but on a known good swivel, I haven't seen it. But I haven't trained in a large gym location and had to tolerate lots of others messing with the equipment. But if you keep working with it, (slow down a bit) your control should come back.

Q2. You might try to wipe some of it off. I wouldn't recommend putting a soft grainy material on the swivel. That will most likely just gum it up.

Q3. Yes, it should make a difference. Ask the other users if they have noticed a control issue since it was oiled. Swivel changes or adaptions usually leave several people struggling to regain control.

Good luck and hope this helps you.