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Alan on the superiority of the ball hook swivel

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  • Alan on the superiority of the ball hook swivel

    Hmm. Let's dissect this just a bit....

    Originally posted by Mike
    ...I believe Alan said that he feels that all metal ball-hook models are better because they tend to minimize the bag going off at an errant agle, especially when striking the bag from the rear.
    Well, let's be a little more specific. Not to be ticky, but I have never really said that "all metal ball-hook models are better.." Actually, some metal ballhooks are poorly designed, poorly constructed and really suck. If you gave this one to me, I'd trade it for a brush pile and burn the brushpile. (giving it away will only ruin someone elses workout).

    And saying I prefer the metal ballhook "..especially when striking the bag from the rear" isn't really true either. The truth is, I prefer it because it gives the truest rebound when constantly hitting from differently sides, and that is a major difference. When you start doing Reverse-Side Double Punches, and more complicated linking movements from all around the bag, I believe anyone will notice the difference. Simply linking a fist straight through, from front to back or back to front isn't really effected too much by swivel design.

    Consider for just a moment, all the options available for "the next punch".

    Front - Front (mostly used. triplet rhythm)
    Front - L. side
    Front- R. side
    Front- reverse. ( also used a lot)

    That is FOUR options for the same or different fist to make "the next punch". And every punch, from anywhere around the bag will have the same four options.

    Rear - Rear,
    Rear - L.side
    Rear - R.side
    Rear - Front

    and it's the same from any side punch also.

    What first seems simple can get very complicated, and the swing angle of contact and direction of next strike are dependent on a true rebound after every connection of fist or elbow. If the swivel link alignment or design throws the rebound off just a smidge, you increase the miss factor. You may save it, but if it happens a lot, there is something causing it.

    Originally posted by Mike
    ...I recently saw a video of a boxer using a non-ball hook swivel and he was smoking the bag in an impressive fashion!..
    Any swivel will work perfectly (almost), if only hit from one direction, where the angle of rebound has minimal effect on "the next punch" (coming from the same side). Any alteration the swivel puts on the rebound angle will be minimal and most likely not cause you to miss.

    Hitting the bag very fast from a single direction in the triplet rhythm (boxer style) does look and sound impressive. Once or twice. Lots of people can do that on any swivel. If that is all someone wants to do, than they may never understand why swivel design can be problematic. Several boxers I have met (coaches too..) say I'm full of it. "The swivel is not big deal" And for them, it's probably not.

    Originally posted by Mike
    Here's my question; ... is there a real difference in swivel effect? I certainly can see how an expert like Alan could immediately sense a different "feel" from one swivel to another, but would the majority of us be able to do so? And, would the difference be great enough to have an adverse effect on our progression?... I have also seen some guys in videos posted here doing quite well on their videos using some of the non-ball hook style swivels and am wondering if swivel style really makes a noticeable difference for most of us?
    Probably not if you use that swivel a lot. The differences in swivels is most noticeable when you change from one to the other. At least it is to me. If I use one style for awhile, I get use to it.

    Mike, You don't have to be an expert to realize your bag is taking weird bounces. If you make good contact and normally hit with good control- it shouldn't be hard to spot the errant rebound caused by the swivel (or lopsided bag..). And not every bad/wierd rebound is a routine killer either. Many times, you will react and adapt, getting the bag back on track in a punch or two. And it doesn't happen a lot, but with a chainlink style it is enough to me to be annoying.

    Here's the deal. IF you have good control of your punching speed, force and rhythm - you make crisp contact and can go as fast or slow as you want on any size bag, - and you start hitting from "other sides" a lot and notice the bag "..just isn't where it is supposed to be", and your punch was right on, and it happens again, and again and again, - then consider your swivel. If it's not a quality ballhook, consider changing. If your rebounds are still "off" and not where they are supposed to be on a ballhook, then consider your punching angle and contact. If your rebounds are off on a ballhook, and your punching angles, contact etc. are just fine. Then check your bag very carefully. You may just have yourself a gremlin.
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