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All Ball Hook Swivels Not Created Equal

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    Setting up my first speedbag platform since I was young and had free time, this place is great. This is exactly what I was looking for.

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    started a topic All Ball Hook Swivels Not Created Equal

    All Ball Hook Swivels Not Created Equal


    I am very familiar with the problem of putting bags on certain swivels. The problem is long standing, because swivel attachment-to-bag parts (hooks or links) and bag loop width and thickness have routinely changed. I have bags with loops that are 2 or 3/16 wider than the other, and each has individual thickness. : confused:

    And as you know, all ballhooks are not created equal. Look at the hook on Tims posted set up.

    Notice the hook shape, which is the most modern version. (look at the swivel on the left that Tim just bought..)

    It has a very small clearance to put bag on, and wide flat base. Hard to get a thick and wide bag loop on and off this, but the wide bottom will hold the bag well. Very hard to knock a bag up and off this hook, since the edge of the opening actually bends back in toward the bag. You probably won't need any tape on this. ( personally, I don't like this new style....)

    now look at this hook.

    This is an "old style" hook, probably 10 or more years old. (and My personal favorite). Notice the entry way for the bag is wider, and the bottom of the hook is round, not flat. Very hard to force a wide, thick bag loop on this. This is the hook I recommend using tape over the hole to keep the bag on, since any upward miss it will launch the bag up and off.

    I have a set of pliars in my speed bag room, and have used them several times just as you have. You may find a shoestring helpful for a wide bag loop. You can wrap the shoestring around the loop in the center and tie it in a really tight knot. I will squeeze the edges together. I manipulate the string around so the knot is inside the loop. This makes the small area of the loop a bit narrower.

    Last summer Myself and John Baca spent over 45 minutes trying to put his reyes speed bag one of my ballhook. We tried on both the "old style" and newer model (I have both..) After we finally did it, I just gave him the hook because we couldn't get it off.

    and we're supposed to know what we're doing..

    the problem with the single piece metal ballhooks (like the one on the right in the picture above) is that the metal always seems "soft" and fails over time. The constant contacts of the rod from the ball on the housing bends the housing, and eventually the ball falls out. And they also "longer" in design, making the rebound arc longer and slower. I have never found this design to be fast or give a quality workout. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.