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    Originally posted by glus View Post
    EDIT: just read above JoeDoc's post, mine was basically a duplicate of what Joe said.

    In my messaging with the guy, he implied that they may be available as soon as this week.
    Thats great news! Did he give you any indication as to what he was changing? Thanks for the response!


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      He didn't say, specifically. Just in the context of a slightly wider shackle, said he was working on something.

      Barring that, the 1" webbing shackle suggested by (Rusty?) looks like it would work well:|5948|2333897|2333931&id=4106271
      Except that it would need to be opened up some - its screw area is only .33" wide, and the LMF shank is .41".


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        Originally posted by IrrelevantMe View Post
        Hello all! Does anyone have first hand experience with the LMF swivel? My top 2 choices in the title and forza speed swivels are out of stock everywhere. Looking for a 3rd option and the lmf seems to be built of quality. Thanks

        I'll jump and see how it reacts, however I already see the design flaw that is typical of this "metal shank out of housing". we'll see. Click image for larger version

Name:	straight shank from housing.jpg
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        Speed Bag

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          Hello Everyone,

          I have a simple fix for the LMF shackle pin getting loose. You can use any #10-24 machine screw that is longer than 1 Inch and use a locking nut on the other end. I only had 4 inch screws so used a dremel saw to cut it as clean as possible and then secured it with a locking nut. Try to find one that is slightly longer and cut it to your liking. I left slight play so its not too tight and would slow down the swivel. Add some grease or motor oil and you are golden. I attached some pics. Works great. Hope this helps.


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            Also I forgot to mention, since I cut the screw slightly shorter than the nut, it is very easy to remove the nut if you want to change or remove the speed bag. 3-4 turns with any small wrench and the nut is off. Very easy and quick process.


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              Originally posted by Speedbag View Post

              I'll jump and see how it reacts, however I already see the design flaw that is typical of this "metal shank out of housing". we'll see
              The one you just purchased looks to be the updated, wider shackle version. So at least you shouldn't have any of the binding problems that a couple of us had with the earlier version.

              @ JoeDoc: as I mentioned earlier, I was hoping to just buy the shackle, but a couple days ago he (LMF-llc) replied, but about buying a whole unit, with the wider updated shackle - I did ask him for that specifically, but maybe trying to recover his costs, I guess. My original size one is working fine with Cleto Reyes now - the sides of the thick loop softened and smoothed enough to move freely. Ringside arrived today, it's about as snug in there as the Cleto was when new, so maybe it will be fine too, after some use. Plus, I've been lucky with my original screw, it doesn't loosen like others report (happened only once), I'm able to tighten enough to prevent that, without squeezing so much as to bind against shaft. If I buy a whole new one, who knows if I'll have to use the workaround that omark221 detailed.
              Good luck with yours.

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                I recently bought the LMF Swivel and found that the Stainless Bow Shackle is overkill and weighs too much and slows down your speed quite a bit( Not sure of their soon to be released newer shackle) I will replace it with a lighter shackle - Take the Bow Shackle off with the Shackle Pin and hold them in your hand and you will see what I'm talking about


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                  Interesting. For comparison, the Arc swivel's tri-hook weighs less than 8 grams.
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                    I've changed out the heavy and slow shackle on the LMF Swivel and even have two different Titanium shackles that I'm trying out at this time. I had to let some air out of the Title Perilous bag to slow it down while experimenting with these different shackles because of how fast the bag/swivel is moving now. I originally had the Perilous aired up quite Hard and even then with the original slower/heavy stainless shackle it came with was'nt that fast of a combination. The Jim Bradley swivel has a real lightweight components to their swivels to speed things up and they must be on to something. I'm trying to fabricate some of my own swivels at this time (Not the ball and hook type that rdshackleford has risen to the occasion with) and will post some pictures/video(once I can being a Newbie) at some point when I feel comfortable about the outcomes


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                      We welcome all swivels here!
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                        I purchased the LMF after being dissatisfied with the big name flavor of the week swivels.

                        after the first week of solid use , the swivel pin polished itself like chrome and the sealed brg is smooth as glass, my dad took a little off the sides of my Cleto Reyes bag on his 1x42 belt (he sharpens knives with) and then burnished it on a leather belt.

                        There is absolutely no binding and for boxing work I can’t imagine better.

                        you can see it in slow action in my “newbie” post as I try and do some beginner freestyle.


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