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Crazy Idea - inflate with something other than air???

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  • Crazy Idea - inflate with something other than air???

    I have a crazy idea but before I put my question let me explain my reasoning.
    Logically a speedbag is a bag that go quick. Most of them use their speedbag in this way. A small bag is faster than a big and a light one is more advisable than a heavy bag.
    When you look at this models : and the company try actually to make some lightweight model in order to be the faster with a lot of control. Even the bladder are made now in a lightplastic in order to save some weight. But there something that never change since the speedbag exist, what you put inside your bag, THE AIR !
    So here is my idea, what will happened if we put HELIUM instead of traditional air ? Everybody know that Helium is lighter than the Air so... Will the bag go faster ? Will it be better or worst ?
    Personally I never try, not because I don't want, just because I don't have the material, like most of them. Maybe someone ever try this, and I just would like to know what was the result !

    PS : I promise that tomorrow I will go to the doctor !

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    The weight of the air inside the bag is inconsequential compared to the weight of the bag and bladder itself... I'd say it wold make no noticeable difference.

    But I'm no physicist ... give it a try and let us know

    I've heard of using nitrogen in race car tires, but not for the purpose of weight reduction (it helps reduce variablitiy of tire pressure due to moisture in the air)
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      Tim, you probably right ! The difference between the air and the helium is minor, but I would love to try just one time, just for the fun !

      If one day I have this opportuneness for sure I will do it !

      For nitrogen, that 's true it helps reduce variability of pressure. Some private person put some in their tires but the result is insignificant. That works really just for race tires.

      If someone can try all of these products and tell us !

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