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    Originally posted by Cazbag View Post
    ...I used a flammable lubricant and have had static issues to boot. Rusty has been absolutely phenomenal with these troubles that I helped create. I can not say enough about the customer service with the Arc on an issue that was really my fault!
    Sadly, I have not been able to recreate the damage that Cazbag is getting on his Arc Fuel:

    I applied liberal amounts of the same Teflon dry lubricant to mine, several times. I tried bagging with the lubricant still wet, and after letting it dry for hours. I even tried subjecting the base, ball, and eye bolt to around 15,000 Volts! In one case, while the lube was still wet, I was able to get the electrical sparks to ignite the flammable hexane in the lubricant. There was a small flame for a few seconds which quickly burned itself out. Even then no damage could be seen on any part of the Arc.

    I am now leaning towards my alternate theory, that Cazbag is either a DC metahuman or Marvel mutant and slips in extra punches so fast that the camera doesn't record them.
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      One important element you should keep in mind with “ESD” (Electro Static Discharge) is the environment. If the environment was dry that air is more conducive to ESD. If you scuff your feet across a carpeted floor in the winters cool dry air you are much more likely to get a shock than you would in the same place in the humid air of the summer.
      Also, what are you wearing? ESD is created by the fiction of two surfaces rubbing together and the charge may not be coming from the SWIVEI but from what you are WEARING.


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        Did my mention of 15000 Volts not impress you?
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          Sorry Rusty I’m on your side, just don’t see how a static charge could cause that kind of damage because it has very low amps. Also, a good static build up can
          Easily get up to 20,000 to 25,000 volts but low amps.
          I do appreciate the work you’re putting into this.


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            After seeing that fuel picture it reminded me of my whip. Is this the same thing you're talking about? I haven't really put any thought into it.. swivel works great so I just carry on.
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              Originally posted by rdshackleford View Post
              If anyone has Arc + lubrication info to share, please do.
              I do!

              Having built custom camera sliders...and using "Drylin" bearings (which also require no lubrication) I found that using a little FURNITURE POLISH works wonders & will not harm the material!

              I personally like Lemon Pledge...but any brand will work. Spray a little on a cloth and wipe down the ball (no need to uninstall).

              Try it and see...smooth as silk!


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                Bagboy, it is difficult for me to tell from your pic, but it just looks like dirt or crud on your Arc Whip. If you put an oil on there, maybe its more of a stain now?

                Zaza, I looked into Drylin early on, but after finding the right combination of plastics, I found I didn't need the lubrication. furniture polish is interesting. I'll have to look up what is in there.
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