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Stupid question about attachments

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  • Stupid question about attachments

    How do you attach photos so they show up in the forum while viewing instead of showing up as a link?



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    Attach images

    including images takes two steps on this forum.

    Step 1.

    find the URL of the picture you want to post. You can find that by placing the mouse over any web picture, right click and look at the "properties". It shows that location.

    for instance, swivel #1 at best swivels post is: ""

    you drap, highlight and copy the address to memory.

    Step 2. include the url in your post, using the [IMG] take instead of the "url=" tag. Across the top of your answer window, you see the "fonts", and other posting choices. Under the white smiley face is the world/chain, which is the URL link. look three to the right and see the yellow envelope underneath the bending left arrow. That is the "insert image" link. click it and a pop-up comes up for you to past the URL from step 1.

    that inserts the picture into your post. You won't see the picture in your editing screen, only the pasted url


    (the = after image nullified the picture, and shows how the text looks. To show the image of Swivel 1, I could just delete the =)
    hope that helps you.
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      Also, when you reply you should have a bunch of icons. One is yellow with mountains. Click that and it gives you a prompt, paste the URL into that and it will display.