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Just ordered my first swivel

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  • Just ordered my first swivel

    Ordered the stainless steel U-bolt with bearing from Balazs. Got tired of reading all the bad reviews of many of the other swivels. Still would like to have a Deville or Powermill, as they have mostly good reviews, but attempted to contact both Deville and Jumpcanon several times and I get no reply, so I decided that my move forward would be a Balarzs. Found out that Grant no longer offers swivels. also considered the Everlast Pro swivel, and the SwivelTek.. I hope the Level 8 Balarzs works out to be a good one. (These Balazs swivels are not shown on their website - I phoned them and found out about these additional swivels) level 2 to Level 8. If i ever get another swivel to compare the Balazs to, I will for sure post the comparisons so others will be able to make informed decision before they make a swivel purchase.

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    I just got a Deville swivel. I ordered it from The Speed Bag Shack. I cannot review it yet as I got it for a new platform I got and I still have not got a chance to hang it.

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