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Boxing vs Bible style (relax)

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    Originally posted by ventanakaz
    ...Hey rskbreaker, What brand do you suggest or maybe a link to one that will stand the test of time and a beating, LOL
    I've hit a few. The aqua bag will definitely hold up, but I am not a fan of water bags. The title bag will hold up, but the fake leather starts to peel. I made my own and I couldn't say how mine would hold up long term. I just used it for the summer and took it apart to make other gear with the leather.

    Reyes makes an all leather wrecking ball. Never hit it myself, but Reyes makes top notch equipment. The downside, they are expensive.

    Outslayer has a good reputation for heavy bags, but they are not leather, I believe it's a vinyl coated woven polyester.

    The aqua bag.

    The title bag rdshackleford posted.

    Unkown duct tape bag that was at the gym.

    I made my own.

    Originally posted by rdshackleford View Post

    Hi-res image here:

    Definitely not leather, not at that price. Looks to me like that Everlast everhide material. The label on the shipping bag said 60lbs.

    They shipped it in a ridiculously thin cardboard box held together with copious amounts of clear packing tape. The bag did a great job beating up the box on its way here.

    I posted in another thread that Lonsdale had a really nice looking tan leather one that vanished from their website the same day I first saw it.

    I had that bag for a little while. Loved it. I just got rid of it because it was too big for my needs(transporting to the park).
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      Floyds bag is probably inflated to point were it's gonna pop! Boxers like their bags alot more solid than a bible style bagger.


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        Originally posted by ventanakaz
        There is no right or wrong way of hitting the speed bag, The good thing to do is take what you see from everyone and make it your own, (You are expressing yourself) Through you training on the speed bag, Most important, Have Fun. I have a Mook jong (Wing Chun Wooden Dummy) But do I practice Wing Chun on it, No. I Express myself though my own Style of working the dummy. There are no rules when it comes to working any apparatus. Just Expressing Oneself !
        Are you a JKD guy by any chance?
        If you can't do it slow, you can't do it fast.
        So Slow = Smooth and Smooth = Fast.

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