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Speed bag and swivel quality question

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    [QUOTE=Niki Knuckles;50215]Hi. Sorry to hear about your problem. I have had a very good experience with RIVAL. I sent them nothing but compliments years ago. They have improved their swivel from what you have said. It was only capable of one direction in the past. I was asked by RIVAL why I need the swivel to go in more directions then just back and forth. I indicated, "For combos." Looks like they got the picture. I regret not buying the synthetic 5X8 when they made it. Their synthetic 6X9 is one of my favorites. Them days are gone for now. The bags they make now are great on the eyes. However, they are closer to volleyballs then the speed bags most of us would like to use. More power is required. They will take a serious pounding forever it seams. I have had worse. Fly by night brand bags that were like striking basketballs! As well as, brands that don't last, but were fun for the short life. The only local Canadian store is in Montreal. USA is in Las Vegas. If you bought it from a middle man, then they gave you bad customer service. Not RIVAL. A reputable middle man would refund you. I deal with RIVAL direct. You will as well now. I purchase from TITLE as well. They are very good. They sell RIVAL products. You have to be careful with middle men. I ended up with a knock-off Lonsdale once. Sent it back to a shop in Winnipeg where RINGSIDE told me to buy from. I did get a refund. Things wont fix themselves. I don't linger when there is a problem. Why would a shop tell you to contact RIVAL, get parts, spend money, fix it yourself? It makes no sense. Something doesn't add up here. Why email RIVAL when you can call them? Talk to someone about your situation, and get answers. They probably misunderstood your email. You asked if they sell bladders to replace yours. They told you they don't have any. RIVAL didn't tell you to piss off. Stop buying from the local store you went to. They told you to piss off. [/

    what I said is exactly what happened. I got a swivel that has a huge gap in it, and a bag that was mishapen. Then the bladder blew after a few sessions of light use. Period. I'm sure most of the time they are awesome but I am currently 0/3. Show me the person that would deal with a company after that track record.

    When I contacted the store the clerk wasn't surprised as if he's aware of this and had dealt with this before and said to contact rival directly for faulty gear. Which I by the way sort of agree with. Why should the store have to pay for rivals poor quality control. They sent these items out the door with their name stamped all over it.

    But really? The guy from rival misunderstood my perfectly descriptive email? Then took four days to reply? Then told me that "unfortunately" It looks like I would have to buy a whole new speed bag. Not sure where the misunderstanding is here. There's nothing more to the story I'm not withholding information, that's exactly how it went down.


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      Im sorry to hear about your bad experience of Rival :/ I use exactly same 5x8 bag as you, and i own exactly same blue swivel as you but im now using deville13. I also own rival 7 X 10 speedbag all of them have done their job great and i dont have anycomplaining about them, your products must be some errors in patch

      As not native english speaker i find funny to google up your guys slangwords I think "gap" in your swivel doesent mean same gap i googled Oops


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        But Really?

        Once upon a time. In a land of speed bag enthusiasts. I purchased a speed bag from The Treadmill Factory. I brought it home. I didn't like it when I tried it. I contacted the store. They said, "Bring it back, we will give you a refund." So that's what I did. What's the problem? I bought a swivel from RIVAL directly. I didn't like it. I called them. They said, "Ship it back, we will give you a refund." I said, "Trade me for another bag instead." The said, "Sure, no problem." Again, what's the problem? Well??! You contact a store, and they tell what to do. Not offer a refund, exchange. Nothing to make the customer happy. Just point the finger... Would you like to invest into some swampland in Florida? I know a guy, that knows a guy... He he he, ha ha ha. Sounds like the store you are in love with sold you some: knock-off, counterfeit, used, recycled, made in a third world, Asian, child labor, back ally, and knows about it, fake. Go get a refund. What's the name and location of the store you went to?
        Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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          Alot of crap out there.I found to just stick to title speed bags or pro mex. Swivels are even worse, the traditional everlast u bolt swivel will do. Or if you like ball hook swivels you can search around for an old everlast metal swivel. The mount also unthreads so you can use a ball hook or a chainlink swivel


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