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  • Quality of rival speedbags

    I would like to hear your guys opinion about rival speed bag (size 25cm x 17.5cm).Does rival produce good speedbags?
    The bag itself is quite expensive (including shipping costs to finland), so i would expect good quality is 25cm x17.5cm good size for beginners?

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    That's most likely the same size as a 7x10 (inch) bag. That's a good size to start on. I haven't hit a Rival bag before but plenty of others on here will have. A member recently put a vid up called 5 bags and a new swivel. One of the bags he hits is a 7x10.


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      Can you post an image of the bag you are thinking about getting? Rival make heaps of different bags and that way you will get more specific advice. Chur


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        I have a Rival 8x5 speed bag ( on the way to me right now.

        I'll be posting a review of it in the Reviews section before the end of the week so hopefully that will help


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          Thanks for replies! And Chris that would be really helpfull, im looking forward to your review end of the week
          And for seaweed man and others here is picture of the bag (i hope the image shows, if its not just google that link whitout those IMG things )


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            My collection of RIVAL

            TOP QUALITY!

            I don't recommend the white bags if you are a beginner. Those are made thick. Get the coloured ones.
            For a beginner I would recommend cheap inexpensive bags. Used. Not new and expensive. If you are learning to drive a car you start with a piece of shit. Then you get better and better. Then buy a Ferrari.

            I recommend 7 x 10 for beginners. Medium size.
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            Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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              Thanks Niki! you have nice collection of Rival bags.
              Im just into situation where all bags from local store cost almost same price (10euro differences beetween rivals and tuff). Ordering cheap back from outside Finland make it as expensive as buying that rivals bag in Finland from local boxing store, after Finnish goverment attack whit all those taxes and payments...
              The colorfull rivals bag cost 73euros, while the white one whit litle blue on it 55.80euros :0 I keep searching if i could find it somewhere cheaper inside finland! Thanks!
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                Originally posted by mirokiuru View Post
                Thanks for replies! And Chris that would be really helpfull, im looking forward to your review end of the week
                And for seaweed man and others here is picture of the bag (i hope the image shows, if its not just google that link whitout those IMG things )

                I'm afraid the place I ordered it from have informed me that they are not in stock and don't know when they will be (so annoying!) I won't be able to do the review after all.


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                  I had questions about the same bag mirokiuru. I love Rival bag gloves, and come on lets admit it- their logo just looks cool. So any new piece of Rival gear gets me warm and fuzzy inside, the kind of butterfly feeling you get that just makes you want to punch things as hard as you can.
                  But I don't know about this bag. It seems to have more of an elongated design than traditionally bags. I did notice Shawn Porter using it in a video spotlighting his camp HBO aired before his Kel Brook fight. But I have tried to find reviews on this bag, and their new double end series bags to no avail.

                  I wouldn't suggesting starting out with this bag if your new to speed bagging, and especially if you don't have a quality mount. It just strikes me as to abnormal. I would recommend the mid size (7 x 10) Pro Mex bag. It is a great bag for the money and will get your hands blazing fast in no time.



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                    Sad to hear that not every part of the world has opportunity like the paradise I live in, North America.

                    I can drive 6 hours and be in Montreal, QC. at a RIVAL store. Drive 7 hours to Keyport, NJ. for the one and only Speed Bag fest. Or drive 14 hours to TITLE fight store in Kansas. Can take a plane from Buffalo, NY. to Las Vegas, and in 4 hours 45 minutes be in another RIVAL shop.

                    My first speed bag (7x10 TKO) didn't cost me anything. My first platform (CENTURY) was $5.00 Canadian, with half a swivel. Found it used online. Still use the platform. Killed the bag in two months of learning. My hands too.

                    I have a barely used TITLE precision adjustable, with a gently used TITLE 5X8 Gyro Balanced bag, and quick release chain link swivel. Mailed to my door for $200 CND. Plus $50 shipping from Ottawa. The platform was $500US at the time, and $40US for the bag now. Plus tax! Plus shipping! All mine for $250!!

                    I also bought a used platform , quick release chain link swivel, and very rare micro bag. All for $20 CDN. From the online classified (Kijiji).

                    The only stuff I bought new was the RIVAL bags, and a swivel from DeVille.

                    As well as a $40 Walmart, 7X10 Everlast bag to replace the TKO. I killed it in two months as well. Garbage!

                    I went to the Canadian National Exhibition. Held every year in Toronto, ON. A vender there was begging me to try out their new 7X10 for only $10.00. I told him I don't need it, so I'm not buying.

                    I can go to the Treadmill Factory and buy a new PVC Fight Monkey for $10.00. I tried a bag from them. Don't remember the manufacturer. Some MMA company. Maybe started with the letter K? It was advertized as a 7X10, but is was more like a 12 inch bag. I hated it, got my $40 back.

                    Not all of my purchases are relative to where I'm located. I'm vary good at sourcing out stuff. Never surrender. Do it, or die!

                    When it's time, and you must use somebody for help. I strongly recommend
                    only to use RIVAL or TITLE. Two best equipment companies. Very very helpful. Very friendly. Very good quality. Very good value. No points to argue! As well as DeVille swivels.

                    Best of luck.
                    Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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                      negativelead, yeah its tru, the logo is quite cool but like i said im in situation where u cant walk in store and take any speedbag what was recomenned here at forum i beliav pro mex is great bag, i just dont have acces to buy it in Finland, boxing is so small sport here that sport-stores dont sell speedbags.
                      And for mount im making one right now
                      After reading alot of threads about homemade speedbag platform, and nearly passing out looking platform prices in Finland, i decided to make my own. Im using iron and welding it, and decent wood, so its not going to be some shit gadget. im looking forward to post pics of proces and platform itself when its ready


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                        Actually that's pretty much the situation here. About the only bags that you will find at the brick and mortar store level here are Everlast, and for the most part are nothing to write home about. People on this board have taken a chance on buying bags and have reviewed them for the others here. My hat is off to them for doing this. Do a general search on what bags to buy, and you'll see a pattern.


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                          Rival has a good collection but i prefer RDX for their speed ball and boxing gloves too. They are great in terms of affordability, quality and durability.

                          Click image for larger version

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