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    thanks, it seems sometimes my arms just don't want to move right


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      Any pointers ,it really feels that I am really bad at this.

      how long should I torcher myself
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        Enjoy your Journey

        Hi is the belly of the bag ...the fattest part of the bag even with your mouth?
        I cannot quite tell. if it is not it should be.

        When I first started I played helped me to get into the rhythm.

        I did not try to hit the bag fast or hard I just tried to hit the bag in its belly and tried to get some control over it . my tip keep your elbows up hit the bag in its belly go for control and really listen to what Alan Kahn tells you he along with swfl and well everyone on the forum helped and are helping me on my own speed bag journey.
        I have a very long way to go on my journey. Your journey is just beginning enjoy the process You CAN DO It bag on


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          Hello Life and keep the videos coming. You are doing just fine and with time you will be smooth as silk. Here is a quick video with just the double. Hands closer with less movement. Elbows up. Hope it helps.


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            Thanks a million I will get trying


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              Help a lot thanks
              your hands look so natural at it.
              Mine feel awkward. But here is the second day at it .When I lead with my left it better then my right it seems my arms don't want to move that way. But there is improvement thanks.
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                You are looking good! Like stated before, keep those elbows up and go at it with a slow & steady rhythm...everything will fall into place before you know it. I had the same problem when I first started, being a righty, my left side just didn't want to do what I asked, but by going slow and learning every combination on both sides, it feels totally natural now.

                As Rehamco1 (Roge) said, music is a big part of it for me...I'm all about punchdrumming and have a 2.5 hour play list I hit to just about everyday now. (not a day goes by that I don't at least hit for 15-30 minutes) I found that music not only motivates me, but gives me something steady to hit to (better then a metronome).

                Here's an example going slow with music:

                Bag On!

                PS... you NEED to get the "Speed Bag Bible w/DVD's" ...and the film "Art of the Bag"!
                Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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                  Good job and nice improvement in a day. Take a look at your video and notice the angle of your strike. You have a fairly steep downward angle. Your hands end up low and will require more time to get back into postition. Try and flatten your punch out some and I think you will find it easier to get back to it on time. The video from Zaza really shows how he punches through the bag and very close to a flat angle. Joe thanks for posting that video again. One of my favorites!


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                    I love to watch the video Joe. !!


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                      Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate all the videos and feedback.

                      3RD Day
             can someone do a video with this song please.
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