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2014 Speed Demon One-Minute Challenge Winners at Speed Bag V

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  • 2014 Speed Demon One-Minute Challenge Winners at Speed Bag V

    Speed Bag V was a blast and thanks to everyone who participated in the Speed Demon One-Minute Challenge and the Team Relay Event.

    Eighteen different baggers took the challenge this year. The One-Minute Challenge is simple - how many punches can you throw in one-minute? Each bagger got two attempts, and the best of the two was their official score. The designated style was forward fist-rolling, and the challenge was performed on a Balaz platform, using a Deville Swivel and Title Pro Black bag (6x9). Punches were timed and counted automatically using the Speed Demon Xt.

    Baggers of all skill levels and experience levels joined in, and the average (mean) score was 391 punches per minute.

    3rd place ($30 prize) was taken by Brandon, for throwing 491 punches in one-minute.

    2nd place ($40 prize) was taken by Speedy Tommy T, for throwing 497 punches in one-minute.

    1st place ($50 prize) was won by G-Town with a 524 score. Congrats again G-Town! By the way, Brandon is his son. They may be trying to start a dynasty here....

    Relay Challenge

    Using the One-Minute Challenge scores as handicaps, four teams were assembled. The relay challenge required each team to throw 2000 punches, rotating through each of the three baggers per team.

    Of the four teams, three teams finished within 5 seconds of each other - with the longest time of 4:26.19 and the shortest time of 4:21.03.

    The winning team (Ataraxis, Juxt, and Cynthia), however, blew everyone away, breaking the 4:00 minute barrier and clocking in with a 3:59.06. This means that their team averaged over 500 punches per minute, even when relaying from one bagger to the next. Incredible at any time, but particularly so since they did this at 11:00 at night after bagging all day!

    Other Scores and Stats

    We also had some baggers do a one-minute freestyle challenge, and Speed Bag Ataraxis turned in an amazing 579 punches in one minute. Man that guy is fast!

    I have a feeling that at Speed Bag VI someone (and by someone I mean Ataraxis) will break 600!!

    It should also be noted that ladies were fantastic as well - with Lisa ranking 6th overall for a 453 score, and Dee ranking 7th overall with a 448. These ladies can hit!

    Tommy T showed us his legendary speed/endurance by setting the highest individual speed endurance score for an event (1898) when he took the Expert Challenge Mode to Level 13 and 6 points.

    By the way, the baggers at Speed Bag V logged 39,151 punches (45,274 rebounds), and that was just on one platform with the Speed Demon Xt.

    New Folks at Speed Bag V

    We saw a lot of new faces this year, and I hope I am getting everyone's name (and origin) right - Eric (from NC), Mari (from NY), Rogene and Joe (from FL), Speedy Geezer, and Master Tony (from NY). It was really cool meeting these folks, and I am looking forward to seeing them again next year.

    Thanks again to Donny for letting us use his awesome new location - love that extra space!

    So there you have it.

    Enjoy your records baggers, they are yours until 2015 (Speed Bag VI, here we come!)

    Speed Demon
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    And thanks to YOU, John, for developing the amazing Speed Demon digital output measure device for accurately measuring everything that happens on a speed bag. It adds a whole new, and totally unique avenue to speed bag training, as well as giving legitimacy to any statements of speed and endurance on the speed bag. It will soon become THE gold standard of speed bag measurement for any and all contests or personally designed performance measuring workouts.

    And your personal presence, talents and time to attend the past three gatherings is very much appreciated. You have truly added a whole new and fun element to the world of bagging.


    Does it work on the vertical?

    hmmmmm. might be nice to give that a go next year for comparison purposes.

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    The Art of the Bag


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      Wait... John was there?
      (I still want my 454 'practice run' to count)
      Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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        Joe - I loved your 454 score! Same way I love great shots on the driving range.

        Seriously, though, two things -

        1. Congrats on getting "Art of the Bag" selected for the Catskills Mountains Film Festival 2014!

        2. Given that you had time to hit the bag this year at Speed Bag V, I snagged a little video of you working the bag.

        Here ya go:


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          Sneeky! This event is just too much fun, thanks for being there & making it all the better. (...I still want my 454!)
          Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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            The Demon!

            You just got to love it! Zaza knockin that bag...Like it!


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