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  • Platform advice

    I have recently made a speed bag platform
    With vertical 5mm steel straps bolted to the wall
    I am gettin a lot of bounce and vibration even with sandbags

    I am now making another platform with thicker steel but for
    My vertical steel straps I was think it might be
    More stable with square plates with 4 bolts
    In each plate if someone could give me advice
    Or wat they find better

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    Make sure it is braced from the front, back , and both sides.
    and yes , a pic would be very helpful.


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      I am unsure I see what you have. Is it anL shape only mounted to the wall? Angle brace or get some support from directly above. With proper bracing it should be rock solid and no sand will be required. Look back at what others have done here and you should be able to find something similar to what you are looking for. Enjoy


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        Yes, I agree.
        Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.

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