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Any tips on changing a bladder

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  • Any tips on changing a bladder

    I had the issue with the yellow 5x8 Title bag that had no bounce.
    So I got the orange bladder.
    Any tips on changing a bladder?
    I've never done it before and don't want to screw it up.
    Thanks in advance,

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    It's fairly straight forward. I've changed out several and the one thing that is hard to do is to keep the nipple pointed toward the hole. Some nipples have a little ridge on them that you have to force through the bag and it holds it in place nicely while you lace it up and reinflate it. The ones that do not can be a little tricky. My suggestion is to slightly inflate it after getting it lined up and then lacing it up. After it's laced up, you can pump it up and you're all set. One thing I have noticed is that if the bag is slightly lopsided after full inflation, if you deflate it slightly you can move it around and/or punch it for a a few minutes and the bladder will center itself in the bag.

    I've also heard the suggestion of using rubber cement on the bladder around the nipple to hold it in place.

    It's not that bad of a job at all.


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      Here is a good video to watch on doing it. Now he doesn't use glue and that will work and I've done them with glue and without. I'd suggest using the glue, a contact type cement that will stick immediately. Just make sure you have the valve stem lined up on the hole and push it in. If you don't glue it, sometimes the stem will move off to the side and it will be hard to inflate or reinflate later. That's what happened to me anyway.


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        Here's a step by step video I did awhile back:
        Art of the Bag - A Speed Bag Story


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          Nice video Zaza. You make it look so easy. Although I have only done two replacements I was unable to get the bag completely reversed. I would say yes to the rubber cement as well.


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            thanks, great stuff. I have been changing bladders the wrong way for about 20 years.
            I appreciate the vid, thanks a ton.


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              Well the vid looks easier than the wrist contorting method I use! I will give it a shot on big blue. The bladder it comes with was a cement bag in its previous life!
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                Originally posted by bbally View Post
                ...The bladder it comes with was a cement bag in its previous life!
                Ain't it the truth. Title, are you listening ????


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                  Thanks for the video.
                  Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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                    I'm laughing about Big Blue. Yeah, it reminds me of those red balls that lots of elementary schools used back in the '60 & '70s. They were made of rubber so thick that it hurt to kick, and if you got hit with one playing dodge ball it would leave you dazed. If I open up my Big Blue I wouldn't be surprised to find a cousin of one of these balls in there.


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