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Building a home boxing gym

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  • Building a home boxing gym

    Hey guys been lurking on this forum for about a week looking at one speed bag platforms would be best for me. I still have not decided what equipment I will use for my speed bag. I fought amateur for about 7 years but traded in the gloves for football in my high school days. I recently got the itch back to start training and my little brother who is 16 is really interested in the sport but unfortunately the gyms near my home are pretty far. I'm looking to buy a speed bag platform and speed bag for my gym that I'm building in my garage. My budget for the speed bag platform is $ 400, what do you guys recommend ? I don't know if you guys know too much about heavy bag platforms but if you guys have any recommendations for that too that would be also. My budget for the heavybag platform is also $ 400. Thanks guys awesome forum !

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    I have seen heavy bag, plus speed bag stands. As well as double ended bag, in a combo stand. Further more, you can do a Cage/I-Beam home gym. One can get heavy bag contraptions that swing away when not in use. Beware of garbage quality.
    Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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      Right weight of boxing gloves

      Well, deciding the right weight of boxing gloves is often arise as the most confusing part of the selection making process. The weight that you need depends a lot over your body type and the level of protection you need. Keep in mind that gloves with heavy weight will provide a harder workout. The general rule weight compositions are - 14oz to 16oz weight gloves are for men, while 10oz to 12oz is for women.

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