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  • bladder replacement

    Good evening. So today was the first time trying to replace a bladder. The bag was a brand new older 4214. What a PITA! Taking the laces out did not gain much room. Trying to get the contact cement on the inside of the bag was difficult. Getting the bladder in place and stuffed back inside happened but not easily. Finally got it done and filled it with air. What a big heavy bag! Now I have two bags that will never get used. If anyone wants a brand new 4214 with the box or an 5x7 Atomic let me know. Maybe we can swap for a bouncy 6x9 that you don't use...

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    Yeah, you wonder why they even bothered with making the 4212 and the 4214. If you wanted to quell the desire to learn how to bag, trying to learn with either one of these will do it. They are good for getting autographs on, tho.


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      They've been made with both red and brown leather, the latter models during the Atlanta Olympics. I remember that these were made with red leather after the supply of the Olympic ones were sold out.


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        Here is a picture
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