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upgraded the swivel on my xmark 2811 platform ran into a problem please

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  • upgraded the swivel on my xmark 2811 platform ran into a problem please

    Ok the platform after I got them to correct the hardware is a very sturdy platform but the cheap chain link swivel it came with was lacking. The part the bag attaches to screws into the mount and it comes unscrewed and is very noisy and had a lot of slop.

    Well bought a everlast level III pro swivel today and went to mount it and noticed the holes don't quiet line up 2 lined up OK but the others can't been seen.

    So, for now I just put in 2 screws and left the two that don't line up at all out just to try it out before I mess with my platform and i do like the swivel much more theres no play in it easier/ more forgiving because of no slop.

    question is yes I can go ahead and start 2 new screw holes but they're going to be so close to the original holes I think it may cause a problem and just end up as a really wide hole and mess with platform up.

    what should I do? buy another undrilled platform from xmark and drill it for the everlast swivel?

    any advice appreciated!!

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    I would tend to want to start from scratch -- rotate the Everlast mount and screw it into solid wood at all for corners. At some point you might want to bolt the swivel to the drum by drilling all the way through. The Deville and the Evil swivels have Everlast spacing -- if all Everlasts are spaced the same, you can't go wrong. Can someone confirm that all Everlasts use the same mounting hole spacing?


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      Thanks guys. I'm just a little miffed about this company putting a one off mount with different mounting holes os just about every swivel out there just to save a few pennies! I had rather pay $10 more up front than to have multiple holes in my new drum already. Yes, I'm


      • #4 can cut out a 3/4 inch plywood piece, the same size as your existing platform and screw in up and into the original. but before you attach it, scribe and them drill 2 sets of holes, one matching the everlast bolt circle pattern and the other matching your 2nd swivel platform. In this way, you will always have the holes drilled for either if and when you want to switch them out. you may have to raise the platform up 3/4 of an inch if it makes a difference.


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          I replaced mine. I just rotated the swivel to where the holes were as far apart as possible. Since it's hard wood the screws have held with no problem. As far as I've seen a lot of platforms come with swivels that you'll want to replace; i.e. chainlink swivels. I don't think there is a standard swivel mounting plate configuration. So for the most part they are going to differ one to the other. I don't remember if the platform mounting brackets are conducive to easily drilling thru.


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