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Water In Clear Glass, On Top Of Speedbag Platform, Vibration Test

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    Originally posted by MsDeville View Post

    Yes… Yes, I am. And I'm not afraid to admit it!

    My name is Dee. And I am a speed bag geek.


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      Originally posted by MsDeville View Post
      Selling stock? Ha! No, not yet, anyway. My partner, Raul, is like the Eveready Energizer Bunny – he never rests. He builds wood-fired pizza ovens for food vendors, and a few months ago had this crazy idea of putting one on the back of this electric truck. Cute, ain't it! He even put a bigger motor in it to go faster. He's my Jack of all trades.

      Sorry to disappoint you, Biff. I should put the New Year's plunge on my Bucket List. brrrrrrr

      So, I FINALLY got my video done. I did this vibration test on the platform that's inside the garage. It's the one that Raul designed and built.

      I'm not whaling on the bag, but I hope this test is adequate: i said before on this forum i don't have to hit on this platform to know it's solid and i rather have the octagon than a steel plate. BTW there is an easy way to make these platforms adjustable without using a worm drive and i'm sure some people will know where i'm going with this...ralph
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