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  • paranday
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    • Sep 2009
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    Originally posted by Speedbag View Post
    Better lock that copper swivel down at night. The way thieves are stealing it around here it won't be on your board long. Large construction sites in and around Central Texas have been hiring night security guards to protect all copper installed.

    Originally posted by Tim View Post
    That's nothin' , in FL they will take it right off the poles or rip apart the A/C condenser in foreclosed homes.
    Yikes, look what they've stolen now,


    • Speedbag
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      • Feb 2006
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      Originally posted by paranday View Post
      Yikes, look what they've stolen now,

      Yikes, the Sword of Abraham! Must be the notorious Limbo theives

      For there is no level too low for them to slither under.

      when they are caught, they should have to sit on it.
      Speed Bag

      Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
      *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
      The Quest Continues...
      Hoping for another Gathering...


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      • novaspeedbagger
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        • Aug 2010
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        Thanks for the Kind words!

        Originally posted by spinsmashpop View Post
        Nova! I knew you were great at Punch Drumming... but not this good!!
        Wow! The last vid I saw of you was the Crazy Head one, but man, incorporating those 4 way combos back to back (a la Skunk) in time, is killer!
        Also, your linking is awesome!!!
        When I got off tour, back home, I gotta bump up my Punch Drummin' skills!
        Great stuff!
        Alan started the whole Punch Drummin' thing, and since then, I know you, Dee, and myself have put some quality time into locking up the bag to music.... is there anyone else out there punch drummin' I am unaware of... or I spacing out on...
        BAG ON!

        Thanks Brian, I appreciate your feedback as a professional drummer and a bagger that can punch out some seriously challenging bag beats right on time with the music.

        I hope we can all meet up this year in Jersey. We can put together a punch drumming groove line till the local sheriff puts a stop to it again like last year and Speed Bag 2010! Wish I hadn't missed that first jam session from 2010. I'm not sure if your tour plans will allow you to make it this year but hopefully we'll see you there!

        As for any other punch drummers out there, I'm not sure but I'm always keeping an eye out for new comers or cagey veterans alike! Just last night my son Kyle (3rd grader) was attempting to punch drum the basic bag rhythm to his favorite tune "Juke Box Hero"!!!! You're Probably pretty familiar with that one! Hopefully he'll have a punch drumming vid posted in the near future



        • ebozyn
          Speed Bag Guru
          • Oct 2010
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          Swivel Parts

          I'm collecting some Materials now for making a swivel. Mainly because i want to see if i can put one together that will actually work very well and have that nice SOLID clicking sound.

          I got the swivel from ringside it's their Ringside Pro Swivel, PS Model.
          The bad thing about this swivel is the nut is WELDED on to Shaft. (I think you can see that in one of the photos). I started filing down the weld, but that was gonna take forever. so now i think i'm gonna take a hacksaw and try to cut through the shaft.

          My wife and I were walking through TARGET Christmas shopping, and we walked by the bathroom stuff, and there they were... BINGO! I remembered what Nova said, "Shower Curtain Hooks". I grabbed them immediately.

          I picked up some eyelet screws at a hardware store. That was an easy piece of the puzzle. They're nice and thick, so i'm gonna try to re-thread them, and tap some threads into the metal ball.

          I also found this metal rod that is used to drive into the ground, and then you hang Christmas decorations on it. It's pretty much the same thickness as an everlast S-Hook so i'm going to try to bend my own S-Hooks. I have been studying the different shapes of Hooks, and will pick one, and hammer it out. I have enough metal rod so i can afford to mess one up, but hopefully i wont mess one up, i have a while to plan it all out.

          I don't really have any of the Tools for this project yet, but i figured it's best to get the materials NOW when i see them. I can get the tools pretty much anywhere.
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          • ebozyn
            Speed Bag Guru
            • Oct 2010
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            Originally posted by ventanakaz
            @ebozyn you might need a torch to heat that rod up so you can bend it to the S shape. i'm sure if u try to bend it cold it will crack then break, but i'm sure you know that. just had to put it out there. hope it works out and i would like to know how it hits compared to the everlast...ralph

            I wasn't sure if i had to heat up the rod before hammering it in to shape, the thought did cross my mind, but I didn't know if i could get away with bending the S-Hooks cold. So thanks for the info vent.

            But, Just for the hell of it, and to see how far it can be bent, i'll take the end of the rod, and see how far i can curve it before it cracks, and or breaks.

            Hopefully, i will be posting photos of the making of this swivel, and a video or so of using this swivel for the first time.

            Hanging a Bag on an S-Hook that you shaped, and bent yourself must be kinda Cool. JC knows what that's like, and he made some Beautiful S-Hooks.

            Now for Some S-Hook Snapshots
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            • ebozyn
              Speed Bag Guru
              • Oct 2010
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              Swivel Peepshow
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              • ebozyn
                Speed Bag Guru
                • Oct 2010
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                "That'll do Donkey, that'll do."

                Those Dark Flecks around the Swivel Housing aren't chips from the metal, they're small pieces of tape from the shank, stuck in the oil from the ball.
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