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Dry Lube Coated !!! Powermill Evil Swivel !!!

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  • Dry Lube Coated !!! Powermill Evil Swivel !!!

    Make a great swivel even better!!! Or any metal ball hook swivel

    Dry Lube Coated for no mess, no hassle. No need for oils or lubes, just set it and forget it !

    If entrested or need more info regarding my Dry Lube Coating service please contact me on this forum or send me an email @

    P.S. Still have Ringside bags available (refer to my earlier thread "Genuine NOS Ringside Bags")

    Click on photo for closer look !!
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    WOW! That looks wicked! I didnt know that stuff was black. That ball looks really cool that way. Put a few thousand hits on that bad boy and give me a full report. Did you coat the base also or is that still black oxide? Make sure to periodically put a drop on the eye/shook to prevent them from wearing. But dude that thing looks sweet. If u did coat the base, would it be better to coat it raw steel (before oxide) or does it even matter?


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      Hey Ryan, Yes the base is coated inside & out, the reason the inside is coated is to double the effectiveness of the coating & the out is because it is much more durable & of higher quality than oxide, plus it gives it a tough & industrial looking finish, that won't peel, chip, flake off


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        That is super-cool! Looks great and I'm sure it performs well. Definitely interested in trying that out. Ralph, can you send me a PM with the cost? I could have Ryan ship my next swivel directly to you for coating.


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          Hey Ralph,

          I know we just talked about doing two for me but lets just start with one for now, that way I still have one to use while the other one is getting done. From what I've heard once I get started with the ball hook style I probably won't want to go back, and down time would put me into withdrawl's, lol. Let me know when you get enough people on the list to send an order in.


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            Ralph here, If you are planning to purchase a swivel from Ryan & would like to have it coated with dry lube let him know and he will be happy to drop ship it for you directly to me, that will save you a little money on shipping



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              Originally posted by RP65 View Post
              Make a great swivel even better!!! Or any metal ball hook swivel

              Dry Lube Coated for no mess, no hassle. No need for oils or lubes, just set it and forget it !
              Looks great Ralph. Thanks for offering that service to the community. I can't bear to be without my power mill , but I do hope to get another one in the future, which I'll send your way.

              Who is gonna be first and put up some video ????


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                How is this stuff applied, dipped or sprayed? Would it be possible to do the hook also. That would be so stealth, under the radar like a Ninja. Can I get coated with it? Maybe my joints wouldn't squeak. I am from KS. you know, where's that damed oil can when I need it?


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                  this is super pimp, no fuss no mess, if I ever order a second powermill I will have to try the dry lube coat.

                  for squeeky Piefurz:


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                    where are you located in So Cal? I live about 20mins outside LA, and I'll be getting a few swivels soon. Would really like to get mine coated


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                      Ralph here, Sorry but the Dry Lube project is on hold until further notice.
                      Please check my new thread "Cleto Reyes Speed Bags"
                      Thanks for your support.... Ralph


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                        Any news ?


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                          I'd like a lube job.
                          Don't buy your speed bag from the same place you buy your tackle box.


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