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  • Your very special bag

    In my short time on this forum, I have learned so much from so many and many of you have in an effort to reach a higher level of ability have accumulated so many bags. Most recently two of my favorite mentors in reference to a bag "Pete" said "I feel a little guilty hitting it" and "Dutchman" replied "Yes, I know what you mean about using it. While I do use it occasionally, it often just hangs on the swivel so that I can admire it." So, to my question, WHAT BAG HAVE YOU RETIRED BECAUSE IT MEANS SO MUCHYOU.

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      Thank you for the post. You got that right, great analogy.


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        I do have that very special „tuxedo“ bag from Roni. It’s not only a beautiful looking bag, it’s also (like all Roni bags) well balanced and just a dream to hit. It’s very light and due to its special construction (molded bottom, fat belly) one of my favorites for punch-drumming.
        I haven’t retired it. I couldn’t. I’m always aware that punching it is maybe shortening it’s lifetime. But I can’t not only let it hang there. It’s made to punch it! Right now it’s just hanging, cause I can’t bag with my elbows still hurting, but I hope this will get away soon!Click image for larger version

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          Beautiful bag. A bag is just an ornament if you're not hitting it. It's when it's at the end of life that you realize that you need to save it just to treasure the memories. Bag on DizzyD


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            I have several retired bags because they are filled with signatures of people (Baggers).
            Speed Bag

            Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
            *attendee: Every SB gathering so far!
            The Quest Continues...
            Hoping for another Gathering...


            The Art of the Bag


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