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Vintage Tuff-Wear Swivel

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  • Vintage Tuff-Wear Swivel

    Looking for to match my Vintage Tuff-Wear Swivel from when I was a kid.
    I still have it and think is one of the best.

    Here's are my questions.
    1. Looking to buy another so I can switch bags quick and easy. Should match the mount 1 3/4" ID Ring Mount
    2. If not possible or there is something better let me know and I will buy two if needed.

    Thank you
    Jordon Click image for larger version

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    I have found that Tuf-Wear and Ringside used the same size and thread as the old Everlast swivels (not the new ones). I know I can use the bottom of a Everlast ball hook in a Ringside mounting flange. This is the swivel I'm currently using
    Also any of the Everlast swivels, whether it's the roller chain type like the one above, or the aforementioned ball hook swivels will work with the Tuf-Wear flange. They show up on eBay fairly regularly.
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      Dutchman that's a good looking swivel. How does it close? I looked on ringside but there are no photos of the reverse side.
      Looks like I could mount that and change bags easily and fast.


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        These used to use what we call an "R" or "mouse key" to that works like a cotter pin. This appears to use one of these


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          Thanks for the info I'm gonna place an order.


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