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    I too think that you can't go wrong with a 6X9 Often I hang one of my Cletos up to practice or try something new I'm used to them and they are a little slower than a Bradley or a Roni even after I shorten the loop and put an Enkay bladder in them, which suits me just fine The bags with heavier leather are easier for me to control the speed with both by changing the air pressure and how hard I strike them After you get your licks down and switch to a faster bag you usually find yourself doing your routine faster Don't get me wrong I don't like a bag that feels like nothing is there but I can't help liking one that moves good without having to be hit real hard so you can concentrate on technique When I bought my Roni bag he was selling it as 6.4X9.something Height wise it's the same as a Cleto or a Bradley It is wider or fatter in the "classic" shape I find mine to be very lively and a little harder to control a nice addition to any collection I don't have very many bags I feel fortunate to have bags with varied personalities to mix it up with and keep it fun


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      That's what I'm looking for. Thanks "VENTANAKAZ" Great insight and explanation.


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        Posted before I read pinzpirate, you guy's have given me everything I was looking for. A size is one thing but an explanation WHY is so much better. Awesome insight.

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