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How to build the speedbag platform?

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  • How to build the speedbag platform?

    I just realized practicing with speedbag was enjoyable. Then, I have a plan to mount a speedbag in my house. Any suggestion to build the speedbag platform?

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    First welcome FredLogan I'm sure your going to enjoy being part of the family. I have seen many different designs over the years and the one I used was an old laminated butcherblock birch table 1 1/2"thick cut in half laminated together. However, that could be expensive. If you really want to get of relatively cheaper you can bolt 2x4 in vertical position and sand one side smooth and level. There is always plywood and particle board. What ever you do if there is one thing I have leaned from watching many good baggers (who have skills greater than I have) is that there is no real reason for the platform to be round, (if there is would someone please educate me) so make it easy on yourself. The other thing that is probable the most important thing that always seems to be ignored in my opinion the word "platform" if like most you are referring to the "drum" remember this, just like a house the integrity of it starts at the bottom and works up. A 10" thick drum is of little value on a poorly supported frame conversely a good frame support would be great with a piece of 1" particle board. Hope this is of some help. WELCOME and ENJOY

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