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    Originally posted by DizzyD View Post
    I haven’t hit these old Everlast bags yet. But the feel of the Roni 8x11 is similar to his smaller bags. Very smooth and soft, it really doesn’t feel that heavy. My Balazs Lightning 6x9 for example is in fact lighter and smaller but feels heavier. I also would say that it’s due to the different leather.
    Yap, that's for sure it's the leather, I also have smaller bags that hit either heavier or lighter depending on the leather, Some bags you just can't improve the speed on them no matter what you do, All because of the type of leather, I have that copy cat Bumblebee bag that was made from a member here and no matter what I do I can't make it faster, I did improve the speed just a tad from shortening the loop, But adding different sizes and thicknesses of leather to the bottom inside didn't help this bag as it did many others.

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