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    Hello all,

    I just wanted to drop a quick review of the Title ‘the Contender’ bag. They’re $25 on the website currently. An absolute steal! I loved this bag first hit. It’s light, but not so light that you feel like you are hitting air. It comes with the orange bladder. The loop is short, leather ultra soft. It’s fat, soft and fast...doesn’t fight you one bit like some heavier fat bags.
    Another thing I love is that that shape of the bag and the bladder match up perfectly. The top cone of the bladder fills the small neck of the bag. It actually pokes out the top of the bag by a centimeter or two. This gives a bit more area to hit at the top still getting a true rebound. As a beginner, this really gets me out of some jams and helps with bumping.

    Here is a short clip to see it’s action.

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    I can’t currently seem to get a comparison picture to successfully upload. It’s as fat as the title black 8x5, just a half inch longer....if that. Considerably fatter than the Title classic 8x5 also just a tad longer.
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      After hitting many bags since this review I can honestly still say this is a great bag for the price. It’s just as ugly as those old wind breakers from 80’s, but it feels great to hit. It’s thin, soft leather, orange bladder standard so good bounce. It’s a great size, kinda in between an 8x5 and 9x6.

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