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Roni 8x11 Speed Bag

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  • Roni 8x11 Speed Bag

    I just can't recommend this bag enough, Because of this bag I sold all my Everlast 4213s , This bag is faster and feels good on the hands (Soft) whenever i pull this bag off the wall to hit, I'm always saying Wow this bag is Awesome, if your in the market of buying an 8x11 and think the bigger bags are slow, I'm here to tell you this bag is fast.
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    Design of the bag, Feel of the leather, Speed of the bag and the most important quality of all for me, QUALITY OF THE WORKMANSHIP. Clearly a Bench Mark. With ventanakaz all the way.


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      I forgot to mention the attention to SERVICE they gave me. Class act.


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        Is the interior of the bag lined like a Cleto Reyes bag & is it similarly heavy like the Cleto? Thank you. (I like a heavy feeling bag).

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