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    Just got the Mexican flag colored Gil speed bag today from necalli boxing, I like the bags from necalli boxing, I didn't want to buy another Gil bag but I love the colors, I'll be selling my Blue & Black Gil bag. I don't need two of the same bag but had to have the Mexican flag colored one. I added pictures of the Gil bag turned inside out, I noticed that they folded over the lining at the seams then sewn the seams up, i also noticed they doubled up the lining which will make for a bag that will last along time.
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    Sold the Blue & Black Gil speed bag, One note to make of these Gil bags is they take awhile to get the leather broken in, When I say that, it's means getting the leather to soften up and respond faster, When I compared this new one to the Blue & Black colored bag, This one was way slower because I need to put the time in on this bag to break in the leather, it was like night and day between both bags, One fast the other (new one) alot slower
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      Shortened the loop on my new Mexican flag colored Gil bag, The two differences between the Blue/Black colored one i had and the Mexican colored one i have now was the blue/black colored bag had a fatter belly and a shorter loop compared to the mexican colored bag I have now, That in itself made the mexican flag colored bag slower, I noticed the long loop was flexing to much and taking away from the speed of the bag, it drove me nuts so I finally broke down and shortened the loop, It came out perfect and shorter than the blue/black colored bag, it automatically made the bag faster with a shorter arc. These bags take longer to break-in compared to some other bags I had and I feel the reason why is because of the leather and the double lining they use, The seams on the inside are also triple stitched, I can feel the bag getting closer to being broken-in and getting faster.
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