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Everlast 4200 Rocks!!

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  • Everlast 4200 Rocks!!

    Well I sent back my 11 x 8 everlast pro bag (the kind people at everlast refunded the original and return shipping charges) and ordered the 4200. Well it was delivered today, and it is awesome. No lopsidedness, excellent leather, quick rebounds that are not all over the place. This is definitely the best of my everlast collection! There have been a lot of negative posts about the everlast 4200, and I am sorry if you guys got a bad bag. But it is a good bag in my case.

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    Have had mine for about 5-6 months now and I do agree, some-what.

    The main reservation I have is the size. They are sold as 9x6. I get a perfect 6" going from top to belly but I get a whopping big 11" going L-R across the belly. Please tell me yours is the same.

    The size to weight proportion is perfect; a little on the heavier side, but thats fine.

    I am an avid devotee of Everlasts and I do own about 6 or so everlast speed bags myself and would readily buy more.


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      I have not measured mine, but no way is mine 11' long going across L to R. It is actually a small bag. I will put pics and exact measurements up later.

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