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  • Ali Authentic 8x5

    Just got this bag few days ago per BagBoy's recommendation at X. Always had this one on my to get list and he convinced me to execute the purchase. I immediately removed white Title patches and swapped out the "Quik Tech" yet actually slow tech bladder for an orange. I have to say I love this bag, can't say what my favorite is but would put this one in my current top 5 . The leather is great quality and will take some time to fully break in. 8x5" size is the actual size pretty much, same size as 8x5 Perlious and Sting bags atleast. It comes with hefty price but got during a sale. It has a feel all of it's own, somewhere between a Black and Perlious. Will post a vid down the line....
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    Just incase your wondering, this bag phenomenally pairs with the Arc! Of course have yet to find one that does not...


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      You told me it was in your "top 3" now you say top 5? This is an outrage! Let's ask ya this, what if anything would you change about it, with the exception of the removable patch.

      BTW The 6" is really nice too..
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        The $price$!!! I would imagine if the Ali line was dropped from it the price would be considerably less. In this case as well as a couple other bags I have the "autograph" is not really the reason for my purchasing of said bags. I would change the stocked "Quik Tech" bladder as well. Right now it is my favorite bag, great leather, speed, response, and grip!
        Now an "Alan King Kahn" bag, that would probably prompt a quick purchase because he would have something to do with design and construction.

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