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Wanted : Arc Swivel

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  • Wanted : Arc Swivel

    Hey guys , I am looking for an Arc swivel for sale , in any condition as long as it works properly. Thanks

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    Did you try contacting Tom on Instagram already (@ArcSwivel) ? He makes them in batches... not sure if he has any for sale at the moment...


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      Think he doesn’t sell right now. Give a try if you’re looking for a good ball-hook swivel


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        Best ball and hook on the market right now IMO.


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          Thanks Ginger , I’ll check that out. I have a Thrasher swivel on one of my platforms but I’m always looking to try different swivels but I can never find the mysterious Arc swivel that every one uses haha …I must of just missed it because I didn’t start bagging until March of this year and it looks like he stopped selling them right around December 2020. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find one some day. Thanks again!


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