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Title Black 6x9 & 1945 Gold Smith Vintage bag

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  • Title Black 6x9 & 1945 Gold Smith Vintage bag

    1940's Gold Smith Military bag, for sale

    BOTH BAGS ARE GONE, Gave them both away.
    Last edited by ventanakaz; 08-20-2021, 04:35 AM.

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    Just getting a black screen, problem with the site


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        Still won't display......


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          Originally posted by ventanakaz View Post
          I'm thinking about giving up my Title Black bag and my Vintage 1945 Gold Smith bag, I just ordered two more speed bags from roni and I don't want to have Thirty bags hanging on my wall, I did the Typical Mods on the bags, Shortened loops, new bladders and added the 4 inch patch of leather to the bottom of the Title Black, I also have the original neck bladder that came with the Gold Smith, and it holds air. The Gold Smith will probably outlast you and your children LOL, that's how good the leather is but it's a big bag and a real beast to bag on.
          I hear you on the Roni bags, recently recieved my first and wanting more Great Bags!


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