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Find a place to buy speed bag near Las Vegas

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  • Find a place to buy speed bag near Las Vegas

    I had a long time to practice at the gym. Actually, I love boxing a lot. However, lately, I have too much work, so I can't go to the gym as often as before. I want to find and buy such a speed bag to practice at home. I don't know where I can buy the speed bad at a reasonable price. So can you recommend it to me? Thank you so much.

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    Hey, John Reilly first welcome to the forum. You are a great example of what so many "guest" have to offer all of us that we never would have had the opportunity to enjoy if you had not "JOINED" the forum and all you needed to do is join and say "Hi". I am a wood worker of over 60 years and a Precision sheet metal worker for over 34 years and that was a great design, good wood working, nice sheet metal work and "I" have to say the fact that you managed to put you ego in your pocket and in included your miss calculations (plaster wall) was a refreshing and beautiful thing. We all stumble and fall attempting some thing new (I do not have the capacity to count the time). That platform really sounded sweet. Great job. One other thing "Slow Control is more impressive than fast Chaos" ENJOY THE JOURNEY

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